From a second floor office in Mt. Lebanon, a company of 11 is providing the means to help boards of directors throughout the world efficiently guide their organizations. BoardBookit, a software application that grew from a need for boards of mid-sized companies and nonprofits, is quickly filling the gaps for larger companies as well.

And in October of this year the software, currently available for Apple users, is rolling out its Android app.

CEO Marion Lewis knows a thing or two about starting and growing a company. In 1991, along with Jeannette Thomas, she founded the Thomas and Poorbaugh Communications firm. Later, she spent over 20 years developing and leading Tachyon Solutions before forming Movilo Digital, a mobile app development firm. BoardBookit grew out of a Movilo client request for a way for its board of directors to better manage their information.

Along with its local efficiency experts, BoardBookit has 13 additional employees throughout the country.

“The purpose of BoardBookit is to really enable companies and their boards of directors to have better access to information and through that, better access to make better decisions,” Lewis says.

Launched in 2013, the software has a number of functions.

The sophisticated web interface eliminates the logistical nightmare for board administrators or corporate secretaries of having to pull together various schedules to set meeting times. It creates agendas and notifies all involved and offers a secure place to file and update meeting-related documents such as strategic plans and bylaws.

“(Having) one code base for everybody makes it really easy and efficient for us to make changes and enhancements and to provide different levels of functionality to our customers,” Lewis says.

Originally targeted to mid-market companies and nonprofits, larger companies are also finding BoardBookit useful. Now the firm’s 500 or so clients are pretty evenly split among publicly-traded, large enterprises, mid-sized companies and nonprofits, she adds.

Local clients include WQED Multimedia, Innovation Works and Visit Pittsburgh.

There is also a fairly heavy concentration of customers in various industries who are using the product outside of their boardrooms, Lewis says. Management and loan committees in banking and medical management committees in hospitals also use BoardBookit to store their documentation.

“Our goal is to make this a beautifully effective and intuitive tool that will make our customers’ lives better and that will make it easier for them to gather information, make decisions and ultimately make them better organizations,” says the CEO.

Experts at the company are currently tweaking the application to make it more powerful for additional uses. They are hoping to roll out these enhancements next year, Lewis adds.

Physically outgrowing its current location, the company is looking to move to a larger home in Pittsburgh.

“There’s a huge pool of talent here in the entrepreneurial space. We have great universities where there are great technical resources,” she says. “Everything that you need is here. It’s a friendly place. It’s a smart place. And I can’t imagine doing this anywhere else.”

Laurie Bailey

Laurie Bailey is a freelance writer who has reported for many local publications. When she isn't writing she serves as a media consultant for nonprofits and other local companies.