Choose the best dermatologist for you and get connected fast.

Got a suspicious mole that you want to check out but you’re out of town? Or need help with finding treatment fast for a sudden cold sore? DermatologistOnCall patients can now access treatment for acne, dermatitis, eczema, suspicious moles and more than 3,000 other conditions. All without missing school or work.

The platform has been on the market for over two years as a web-based service. Though it was possible to use via mobile phone, the service has never been fully optimized for mobile use–until now. Through the new app developed by Pittsburgh-based Iagnosis, users will now have a singular experience through computer, phone or tablet.

Convenience is a primary component that drives patients on DermatologistOnCall. While it can take anywhere from two to six months to schedule a normal face-to-face appointment with a dermatologist before actually being seen, DermatologistOnCall users can expect a significantly shorter experience.

“If you have something that’s concerning you, [two to six months] is a long time to wait,” says Dave Zynn, president and CEO of Iagnosis. “If someone uses our application, they’ll be in contact with a dermatologist within 12 hours and it’s a little bit less expensive.”

DermatologistOnCall essentially provides a very comprehensive experience comparable to a face-to-face appointment. The app asks users extensive medical history questions, specific details about the ailment (including the option to send photos) and the formation of a treatment plan with any necessary prescriptions. And users are connected to the same dermatologist every step of the way.

“Quality diagnostics are very important to us. It’s a very in-depth process,” says Zynn.

One hundred and thirty doctors across 30 states are active on the platform. Since the app is state driven, users will always be connected to a dermatologist near them and have the option of choosing a specific doctor based on proximity, background or previous interaction. Once a user has been connected and treated  by a doctor there is a 30-day window to continue communication within the portal.

The app is free to download, but one application is priced at $59 out-of-pocket. DermatologistOnCall also works in conjunction with Highmark insurance.

Nearly 5,000 patients have used DermatologistOnCall since its inception two and a half years ago. Zynn estimates that roughly 85% of users can be treated and prescribed necessary medication without ever seeing a dermatologist in person. However for the 15-20% who need further treatment, DermatologistOnCall makes any ensuing visits easy to schedule and encourages their app to be a simple and effective extension of a dermatologist’s practice.

“Our app is meant to be a part of a dermatologist’s offering, not replace it. We still recommend people have a relationship with their dermatologist; annual checkups are very important,” says Zynn. “It’s just one more way for dermatologists to interact and effectively treat their consumer base.”

Ian Mikrut is a writer, proud Pittsburgh native and Grove City grad. When he's not at local concerts or trying in vain to improve his golf game, you might find him at DeLuca's in the Strip.