New to town and looking for a great Pilates class? Or maybe you’ve moved from one side of the ‘burgh to the other and need a new place to master your half moon pose?

FitCloud, a wellness review website founded by local sisters Rena Altman and Renee Pacella, wants to help you find your new fitness home. The site evaluates gyms and classes as well as products – anything from energy bars to workout apps and playlists – and the latest health crazes and recipes.

And starting next week, the health-savvy siblings will be releasing downloads of their new FitCloud podcasts, available on iTunes.

“We want to talk about what’s going on in Pittsburgh, what are the trends you see in fitness, the trends that you see in health and nutrition. And we’re adding a little humor to it so it can be fun as well,” says Pacella, who attended Carnegie Mellon and Chatham universities and has her sights set on physician assistant school.

An extension of their website, the weekly show features local experts and fitness enthusiasts who already have a following in Pittsburgh.

“We really want to look at the locally-owned businesses,” says Pacella. “We do see that the market has changed to where people want to go to a boutique-type gym.”

Registered dietitian and owner of Pillar Wellness, Nicole Trombley offers her expertise in one segment on workday wellness.

“I think when people are shopping fitness and wellness options, they are bombarded with information. It’s helpful to have a company like FitCloud that does the research for you and passes along honest and thorough reviews,” she says. “For the health and fitness community it never hurts to have a company endorse and promote your business.”

Recorded at the Epicast Network, the 45-minute to hourlong shows cover topics such as debunking fitness myths and promoting upcoming local events. Altman and Pacella welcome questions from their audience to be answered by their guests.

“We answer some great questions about how to find the best fitness facility when you are moving to Pittsburgh,” Pacella says.

A family affair, the website’s content is written by Pacella and Altman, a stay-at-home mom with two sons and a background in medical sales. Brother Rocco Pacella is the site’s editor and director of marketing. Reviews are based on consults with local doctors, nutritionists, personal trainers and more.

Eventually, the sisters would like to branch out to reviewing facilities and products for areas surrounding Pittsburgh and to other cities.

“(There are) a lot of people who travel for a living and people coming from other cities. We want to reach out to the audience coming to town for a weeklong project,” says Altman.

Laurie Bailey

Laurie Bailey is a freelance writer who has reported for many local publications. When she isn't writing she serves as a media consultant for nonprofits and other local companies.