Screenshot from the Postmates app. Courtesy of Postmates.
Screenshot from the Postmates app. Courtesy of Postmates.

Last week Postmates rolled out its service in Pittsburgh–officially marking the day you never have to leave your house again.

Postmates, a San Francisco-based startup, is an on-demand delivery service. The app has the ability to pick up anything from anywhere and deliver it to the customer in under an hour.

Craving Chipotle? Or need pens for the office posthaste? Postmates will deliver any item in the area, not just food. Simply request the item in the Postmates app, add your credit card info. and await the delivery in an hour or less.

Once customers place an order, the information is sent to the central office in San Francisco. If it’s a food order, they’ll call the restaurant and place the to-go order. If it’s a drug store or “general store” item, the courier in Pittsburgh will purchase it in the shop using a credit card provided by Postmates. Postmates has over 30 Pittsburgh restaurants and hundreds of general items available for order through the app.

Postmates is currently available in Squirrel Hill, Lawrenceville, Oakland, the Strip District, Downtown Pittsburgh and Oakmont. Not sure if you’re in the coverage area? Type your address into the app to find out.

As demand increases and more drivers become available, the service will expand to include more neighborhoods.

Similar to Lyft and Uber, couriers for Postmates, also called Postmates, are sourced from the Pittsburgh community. “We believe that local people delivering local goods in a community is the best way to go,” says April Conyers, director of communications at Postmates.

Screenshot from the Postmates app. Courtesy of Postmates.

While Postmates offers bike and pedestrian delivery in other cities, Postmates in Pittsburgh will only deliver by car. Drivers with a clean record and license can apply online.

“We’re always looking for people who want to deliver for Postmates,” Conyers says. “The more couriers we have in Pittsburgh, the quicker we can expand out of the core city.” Drivers pocket 80% of the delivery fees and earn between $10-20 an hour, depending on demand.

So how much will it cost to get Primanti’s delivered to your couch on game day? The premium for delivery starts at $5 and goes up depending on distance.

As Postmates expands its reach in a city, it will partner with local businesses to create “$4.99 Favorites,” merchants that subsidize the cost of delivery so you can order for a $4.99 flat delivery fee. The delivery fee doesn’t include a tip, but customers can add it in the app. 

If the delivery is incorrect or late, Postmates will refund the customer.

Postmates expanded the app to 10 additional cities last week, making it available in 40 markets and over 100 cities. It is the fastest expanding delivery service, partnering with national brands like Starbucks and Chipotle to provide exclusive deals. 

Emma Diehl

Emma Diehl is a writer, blogger, and social media marketer working in tech and startups in Pittsburgh. She loves local craft beer and a well-crafted pun.