The Hardware Store

Josh Lucas likes to think a new web app, launched out of his coworking space The Hardware Store, will break the boundaries of social media.

When the app, named 5×, launches later this month, it will be the first app out of the Allentown shop.

“What 5×5 does, is it allows groups of businesses to post to another business’ twitter,” he explains. “Five businesses enter into a contract for five weeks and allow access to their timelines.”

The goal is to allow companies to promote themselves to diverse audiences.

“If you have 30,000 followers, they’re already going to know about the event you’re hosting,” he says. “Now you can get your message across to a whole new audience.”

It’s no secret that companies already sort of do this; by retweeting other company’s tweets.

With 5×5 works, companies write 20 tweets and submit them to other companies in their grouping for approval, Lucas says. Once approved, 5×5 posts the tweets.

At launch, membership costs $100 for the five-week period and around 50 companies have signed up for the first run.

“Right now we’re going to (beta) launch and then get some feedback,” says Lucas. “Then, we can tinker with the process. We’re hoping the cost will go down as this progresses.”

Lucas said companies who participate in 5×5 will be matched up by size and the nature of what they do.

If companies find the app beneficial, they can sign up for another five weeks.

The Hardware Store isn’t a one-and-done factory. Lucas says the coworking space will be releasing a couple more apps in the coming months.

“We’re excited,” he says. “We’re doing this all with out any large outside funding. And, we’re doing it in a great working environment.

“On top of it all, we’re trying to show how great of an area Allentown is.”

R.A. Monti is a freelance writer and future lawyer. A graduate of Penn State, he is a student at the Duquesne School of Law. When he's not not writing or reading, you can find him watching a game while enjoying the latest craft beer.