It used to be that IT was the domain of IT and marketing departments companies were off on their own working on branding and advertising campaigns. But those days are increasingly fading to black.

Technology is becoming the domain of the marketing department, which must map out online and mobile interfaces for consumers, diagnose consumer behavior and discern the social media message. The shift is forcing many companies to find new ways to facilitate a cross-functional collaboration with IT and make it all work.

Enter Savvior, a company on the North Side that is offering to assist by bringing companies together on technology. By taking on the role of integrator, Savvior is helping mid-size and large companies to bridge the gap between the typically disparate departments.

Founder and CEO Keith Giuliani was a software engineer in the 1990s when the web was new and before geeks were cool. Having learned the business from the inside out, he saw an opportunity in providing companies with a customized business solution to address this trend. He brought on Christopher Evans as vp of sales whose background is in sales and branding.

Together they are navigating this opportunity to help companies connect. Studies show that within five years, the CMO of a company will spend more time on technology than the CIO or IT departments, they say. “Digital marketing is driving it all,” adds Evans.

The idea is not to charge through the door and change the way a company runs its business, or change the software applications it may be using, says Giuliani.

“Harnessing and mastering big data today is how companies are gaining a competitive advantage,” says Evans. “We go in and listen to the business side. We, in turn, design a custom software solution (through one-on-one meetings) that helps them accomplish that.”

Savvior, with a team of 15 working out of the Penn Brewery building, works with clients across several industries: healthcare, manufacturing, technology, education. Their client list includes Pittsburgh-based data storage company Avere, Pittsburgh-based Vector Securities, Rolls Royce and Direct Energy.

Plans call for expanding nationally and into Europe in the coming year.

“We’re the ‘swat team’ of technology,” Evans says. “We don’t see ourselves as a business company but a business empowering company.”

Deb Smit

Deb is an award-winning journalist who loves ancient places and cool technologies. A former daily newspaper reporter and Time-Life Books editor, she writes mostly about Pittsburgh. Her stories have appeared...