An earpiece, however…people are very comfortable wearing them and being around other people that are wearing them. It’s socially acceptable. It makes a lot more sense to deliver the intelligence in the earpiece than in something like glasses.”

Geller says that Maven Machines hopes to produce an entire line of earphones for different uses. He says that different people require different uses, and Maven will further develop their product to cater to those needs. He adds that the earpiece will be capable of running applications produced by third party developers, similar to the way a smartphone uses applications. The “Maven” earpiece will be their first wearable product.

“I definitely think it’s going to be ubiquitous. It’ll be like a smartphone and everyone will have one on them at all times. In many ways it may even replace the smartphone,” says Geller.

Geller hopes to have a complete product within the first half of 2015.