Make no bones about it, Pittsburgh is a dog town.

According to a recent VO!CE of the Region survey by Campos Research Strategy, 72 percent of pet owners own a dog, and the mixed breed reigns supreme as the number one choice.

But before all you cat lovers cry foul, the survey revealed that 24 percent of Pittsburgh dog owners also own a cat so in many local houses there is daily potential for a YouTube video (and look for a survey of cat owners coming soon).

Hundreds of people responded to the survey to relay information about their favorite pooch and the details revealed were a true slice of the Burgh.

An example? When buying kibble, Pittsburghers are 15 percent more likely than the rest of the U.S to buy a weight management food. And Pittsburgh dogs apparently love imitation bacon. According to SimmonsLOCAL Fall 2013 edition, the most popular dog treat among Pittsburgh pet owners is Purina’s Beggin Strips.

When it comes to describing their pet’s personality, 48 percent of Pittsburghers described their dog as affectionate, while 24 percent gave a nod to the noggin and said their dog was smart. Sixteen percent described their favorite four-legged friend as goofy, while 10 percent said protective and just 2 percent said shy.

As for entertaining their pet, the majority of Pittsburgh dog owners–38 percent–said their dog prefers a nice walk while 26 percent said they prefereed tug-a-war or tossing around a toy.

For many Pittsburghers, the dog isn’t the only pet in the house. Eleven percent of Pittsburgh dog owners said they also own a fish, while 4 percent play host to a bird or rodent. Just 3 percent also own a skin-shedding reptile and 1 percent copped to having a Peter Cottontail.

The popularity of mixed breed dogs in Pittsburgh–20 percent said they made one part of their family–may in part be due to the work of organizations like Animal Friends and the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society, who tirelessly effort to boost adoption rates of rescued animals, says Casey Taylor, a strategist for Campos Research. “I thought that was cool,” he adds of the high rate of mutts. “I think it speaks to how well we’re doing in the city on adoption and rescue.”

Following the #1 mixed breed as most popular, the Labrador Retriever was next in line with 9 percent of Pittsburgher’s owning one of the working class dogs, while 7 percent welcomed a Golden Retriever breed into their home and 6 percent give their love to a German Shepherd.

The Voice of the Region survey are typically “issue heavy,” says Taylor. “We wanted to take a break and do something a little more fun following the election.”

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Jill spent 18 years in journalism working as a reporter and editor for newspapers and television stations across the country, covering crime and courts and specializing in breaking news. A native Pittsburgher and single mother, she lives on the North Side.