What’s a high profile executive to do when he’s moving from New York City to Pittsburgh, wife and five kids in tow, with concerns about his digital past?

Many today are worried about information that is lurking about them on the Internet, says Chad Killian, CEO of Pittsburgh startup Job Seeker Insight. For peace of mind, many are seeking the services of companies like JSI , hoping to nip any potential incriminating online issues in the bud.

JSI is a service providing background screenings for companies and individual job seekers. Its for-pay platform allows companies and job seekers to scour and clean the Internet of any unsavory bits for a one-time fee starting at $299.

Clients come in requesting different levels of background screening, Killian says, from entry-level jobs all the way to managers and executives.

“We provide them with the highest level of privacy and control. We’re not saying you’re going to get a $300,000 job, but we add credibility to your profile.”

Once a background check is run, the company hands out a “digital verification badge,” a sort of good housekeeping seal of approval coupled with a QR code that potential employers can scan to read the background check.

JSI uses the same background process that employers use when conducting background checks on their own.

“We verify your education, your motor vehicle report,” Killian says. “You never know what’s out there and posted by other people. There could be potentially erroneous reports and cases of mistaken identity, people with similar names and birthdays living in the same county.”

JSI, a subsidiary of JD Palantine, employs seven and is hiring.

“When it comes to technology and humans entering information, there’s going to be mistakes,” he says. “We want people to be in control.”

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