Regulation A provides a way to make an offering which would include unaccredited investors. Picker hopes that Regulation A offerings will be available on the Small Change portal, ideally for each and every equity raise. But she also recognizes that the legal landscape is uncertain, and Regulation A filings are time-consuming and burdensome to make.

Still, she says Small Change is working hard within the confines of the law to build a template to make such offerings available. In her eyes, these offerings are important for building communities. The website will also be highly explanatory, so that people on any investment level can enter and understand how real estate works, the process behind the regulations and the potential upside and downside of investing in real estate.

“We’re very committed to permitting investors on any level. Even as low as $100. We want the point of entry to be very small.”

Again, small change.

Picker plans to expand the company nationally with an anticipated local launch in early 2015. She is already in discussions with developers in Michigan, Ohio and Nevada.

“It’s untested territory,” says Picker who has carved out a career in that terrain, from her downtown lofts to her current Tiny Houses in Garfield. “We’re exploring it as fast as we can.”

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