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Pittsburgh's North Shore. Photo by CC Barr/Wikimedia Commons.

Another week, another fine brewpub opening in Pittsburgh. Southern Tier Brewing Company, known for its exceptional craft beer, has had a presence here since 2005 so it seemed fitting that it would choose Pittsburgh for its first satellite location.

The Lakewood, New York-based Southern Tier Brewing Co.will open on North Shore Drive, within walking distance of PNC Park and Heinz Field. The brewpub will feature STBC’s full menu and its classic beers list, and some Pittsburgh-specific brews, the company says. The site also features a patio which will serve as a beer garden.

“With a long-standing connection between Pittsburgh and our brewery, we felt that this addition was natural,” CEO John Coleman said in a statement. “The number of visitors that our brewery receives from Western Pennsylvania is

Courtesy Southern Tier Brewing Co.
Courtesy Southern Tier Brewing Co.


The North Shore location will feature a smaller version of the German-built brewhouse at STBC’s Lakewood location. It will also feature a 10,000-square-foot outdoor beer garden, providing the perfect venue for game day.

Phin DeMink, who founded the company in 2002, says it was just natural that the company put down roots here.

“There are a lot of great brewers doing justice to their craft and we look forward to furthering the local beer culture through collaboration and education,” he said. “It is very important to us that we understand, respect and reinforce the craft beer community in Pittsburgh.”

We say cheers to that.

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