TiER1 Performance Solutions has moved into new downtown digs, its second office in the region, and anticipates doubling in size in the next three years.

“We’re very excited to be downtown,” says Greg Harmeyer, CEO. “It’s a different client base there, which will open up new relationships. The company has a lot of creative energy. The average age of workforce is early 30s, so being downtown is important.”

The firm is located at 216 Boulevard of the Allies and currently employs nine. A second office in Wexford employs 16.

TiER1 works with larger companies to improve their businesses by improving and training their people, using software, eLearning tools and high-end visualization to help them perform more effectively. The firm also uses high-level visualization like many marketing companies, he says.

FedEx, Wendy’s and Macy’s are among its largest clients.

“As companies and organizations change, people need to assimilate into new roles,” says Harmeyer. “That’s where we come in.”

With its expanded presence, TiER 1 will begin developing relationships with more mid-market companies and work on strengthening the brand. The firm will also expand its sales team.

TiER1 is based in Cincinnati with offices in Pittsburgh, Chicago and Denver. Since launching in 2002, it has doubled in size every three years and has been moving up the Inc. 5000 ranking to its current position at #1,957.

Deb Smit

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