WESA and WYEP are merging their boards.

After one bought the other’s license four years ago, the governing boards of two of Pittsburgh’s public radio stations are now planning to merge. WYEP and WESA‘s boards will become a single nonprofit entity. No staff reductions are planned, and the on-air programming won’t change.

Greg Joseph, president of the board of WYEP says in a statement that the stations will keep their programming, staffs and listener-members, but the combination into a single nonprofit entity will create “new opportunities for growth, collaboration, platform extension, and financial strength in an rapidly evolving media landscape.”

WESA board president Marco Cardamone says in a statement on WESA’s website that while there will be overlaps in audience between the two stations, as there is now, the two stations will retain their unique programming identities.

Courtesy Pittsburgh Community Broadcasting Corp.

WYEP’s Pittsburgh Community Broadcasting Corp. bought the license of what was then WDUQ from Duquesne University back in 2011. It established a subsidiary, Essential Public Media, the station became known as WESA, and had its own separate board.

But the time has come to create a single governing board, the stations announced Sunday.

“We’ve gotten to the point where we are comfortable as an organization bringing both stations together,” WYEP Board Chairman Greg Joseph says in the statement.

“We initially started this separate board structure to make sure that the new WESA got on firm financial footing, and we believe that they have accomplished that.” When WDUQ changed to WESA and switched formats from jazz to news and information, some in the region were unhappy.

The new arrangement is not due to any cost-cutting, both board chairmen noted.

Donations can still be made to either station, and the combined entity will continue to operate under the Pittsburgh Community Broadcasting Corp. name.

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