Best Meal

Nathan Holmes: best meal I ate last week

Across the country, the industrial mega-corporate food system is being challenged by small farms and local economies. Here in Pittsburgh, Nathan Holmes is at the center of that movement.

Jen Lawton: best meal I ate last week

Jen Lawton, the Cheese Coordinator for the East End Co-op, visits Page Dairy Mart and enjoys a meal in true Pittsburgh style—under a bridge.

Beth Kracklauer: best meal I ate last week

Beth Kracklauer, food and drinks editor for The Wall Street Journal's Off Duty section, tells us about the haluski that brought her back to life last week.

Nick Miller: best meal I ate last week

Nick Miller, co-owner of Allentown's Black Forge Coffee House, tells us about the new neighborhood spot that's serving up classic diner fare.