Battle time at the Pennsic War

Pennsic War draws 10,000 for medieval reunion and battle. Every year.

Each summer 10,000+ descend on western PA for 17 days to create and be part of an elaborately built medieval city for the Pennsic War. There's nothing else like it on earth. A combination of Punic War and Pennsylvania, the Pennsic War is a 17-day reunion of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) (yep, that’s the name) an international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating an authentic—and they mean authentic—pre-17th century European experience. In other words, it’s a time portal to the Middle Ages.

The rise of tactical urbanism

Pittsburgh has many examples of tactical urbanism, a powerful, grass-roots movement to improve our urban spaces and our experiences within them. From Open Streets to Tiny Houses and Art All Night, here are some notable ones.

Best burgers in Pittsburgh

From Butterjoint to Meat and Potatoes, we offer the best selection of burgers in town--with a few surprises including our top favorite.

Why I live in Downtown Pittsburgh

Jeanne Antonuccio chose to live downtown Pittsburgh for the arts and culture, the parks and waterfront and the variety of great restaurants and places to go. It's the city at your doorstep, she says.