5 quirky and cool jobs in Pittsburgh

From the eagle cam creator to the Warhol time capsule archiver to the Pens' national anthem singer, 5 jobs in Pittsburgh that are offbeat and worthwhile.

Reinventing The Warhol at 20

"People couldn't believe that it was here," Eric Shiner says. "It was an alien spacecraft that landed in Pittsburgh." The reaction then and the reaction now to the Warhol as it celebrates 20 years.

What’s next for East Liberty?

How has East Liberty managed to continue its impressive transformation? With the help of a community plan in 2010, the core is jumping with new apartments, hotels, restaurants and more, including a transit center.

Why I live on the Southside

Longtime resident Beth Marcello shows us some of her favorite spots in her neighborhood, from the bike trail to Dish.

Join us tonight: Meet the artists event

NEXTpittsburgh's first event will introduce you to six wildly talented local artists all together in a cool gallery setting for a fun evening. Last chance to register!

Why I live in the Strip District

What's it like to live in Pittsburgh's most beloved neighborhood? Find out as Mike, a resident of the Cork Factory, shows us some of his favorite places in the Strip.