Swag Monkeys in Pittsburgh

Sound Slide Show: The Swag Monkeys

Just listen to their music here to find out why there's great buzz about this young band, ages 11 to 13, that is tearing up the music scene in Pittsburgh.

Why I live in Squirrel Hill

One of Pittsburgh's favorite neighborhoods, the diverse and lively Squirrel offers everything from a walkable business district with movies and shopping to one of the best city parks. What's not to love?

What’s next for the mid-century modern Katselas house?

Built in 1964 for his family, the Tasso Katsela-designed mid-modern house is now for sale. Some consider it a masterpiece; others a form of Brutalism. You decide. Either way it's historic and one of the few houses in Pittsburgh to win a prestigious award. Read why here.

Top 5 not-your-usual summer camps

From circus camp to survival camp to language immersion, here are some of the best offbeat and fun camps for young Pittsburghers.