Photo of the 10th Street Geese flying high above Pittsburgh. Photo courtesy of Tim Kaulen.

Good news, lovers of public art: The 10th Street Geese (or dinosaurs, if you’re inclined to see them that way) have been saved.

“Because of your letters of support, over 900 signatures on the petition to the city and Allegheny County, the iconic 10th Street Geese will remain,” artist Tim Kaulen wrote in a post at The geese will “continue to be part of our region’s dynamic public art collection and remain on the bridge for ages to come.”

Kaulen has been spearheading this petition and will be repainting the geese himself. He’s hoping the community will help fund that work.

“We thought that since the geese have grown to belong to all of us, maybe you would want to help with some of the costs,” the post says. “In turn for your help, we want to offer you something unique and authentic for being part of the process.”

Kaulen has published a detailed breakdown of the costs (which total $5,020) and offers a range of gifts for contributors, including t-shirts and posters screen-printed by hand, all depicting the beloved geese. Anyone interested in contributing has just two weeks to do so, according to the post.

Melissa Rayworth

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