Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier has just joined Alba Tull in Ramp ‘n’ Rize as a shareholder and partner.

Scheduled to open this fall in an undisclosed location, the fitness studio will  offer scientifically formulated, data-driven workouts.

Shazier, who is recovering from a debilitating football injury, is a rising entrepreneur and his participation in Ramp ‘n’ Rize marks his emerging interest in new businesses and venture opportunities.

“Ryan is a true inspiration on and off the field with a ceaseless passion for sports and competition,” said creator Alba Tull, CEO of Tull Investment Group, which owns a chain of 25 Milk Shake Factory stores and operates an organic farm in Washington County, in a statement. “I look forward to having his incredible fitness insight and expertise as we launch Ramp ‘n’ Rize in Pittsburgh.”

Ryan Shazier.

“A crucial part of getting yourself into shape is your attitude,” said Shazier. “The Ramp ‘n’ Rize method provides a way to get peak results in short periods of time and is approachable and fun for people of all levels of fitness. It also builds strength with minimum wear and tear on the body — one of the main reasons I will be incorporating these methods into my own training. The goal is to help people rise up to be the best version of themselves.”

At Ramp ‘n’ Rize, patrons can participate in short (between 30 and 40 minutes), but intense group classes on equipment such as the TransformerPro, a machine integrated with “ramped” technology that mechanically lifts the device to different incline levels, allowing for increased resistance and maximum exertion.

Members can also burn calories on the Power Tower, a low-impact machine that tones the legs, butt, core, arms, back and shoulders.

“Put simply, we embrace technology and innovation to help us get results and measure progress,” said Tull.

“The data-driven portion of the workout is the collection and analysis of data from the machines that provide resistance range, help set form and provide custom workouts for each user. It’s the art of fitness and the science of fitness working together.”

Tull Investment Group CEO Alba Tull.

The science, she explains, is the design of the equipment and the platform to optimize performance. “The art is the experience of our trainers to recognize individual needs. By having state-of the-art equipment coupled with our world-class trainers, we get the best outcome.”

Ramp ‘n’ Rize isn’t a massive treadmill warehouse, but a 4,000-square-foot boutique gym where, in addition to group classes, patrons can work one-on-one with instructors such as Joy Johnson.

The veteran personal trainer has logged more than 20,000 hours in the gym helping A-list celebrities and star athletes get into shape. Tull’s long-standing partnership with innovation hub Carnegie Mellon University also gives Ramp ‘n’ Rize a competitive edge.

“Our family has a deep relationship with Carnegie Mellon and we are fortunate that Pittsburgh has such an amazing and talented university system,” she says.  “We would certainly welcome up-and-coming innovators. Pittsburgh is all about innovation while still being about community — this makes it the perfect home for Ramp ‘n’ Rize.”

As the gym ramps up toward its grand opening, people can get sneak peeks at the build-out and information about memberships, contests and events at rampnrize.com and on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.

Lawrenceville will house the flagship location with additional sites planned to open in the next two years.

Kristy Locklin

Kristy Locklin is a North Hills-based writer. When she's not busy reporting, she enjoys watching horror movies and exploring Pittsburgh's craft beer scene.