Sunnyhill Unitarian Universalist Church of the South Hills in Mt. Lebanon. Photography by Ed Massery.

Sunnyhill Unitarian Universalist Church of the South Hills — Certificate of Merit

Architects: Rothschild Doyno Collaborative

Client: Sunnyhill Unitarian Universalist Church of the South Hills

“Sunnyhill Unitarian Universalist Church presents a thoughtful juxtaposition between old and new, inside and outside. The modest material palette combined with elegant form are a breath of fresh air.”

Argo AI Palo Alto office. Photo by Marco Zecchin.

Argo AI Palo Alto Office — Honor Award

Architects: mossArchitects

Client: Argo AI

“Argo AI shines with its elegant utility and fluid yet clearly defined spatial logic. The steel armature performs on several levels and complements the project’s light, open and welcoming space. Social and work areas connect seamlessly and extend into the landscape unencumbered by peripheral offices. The resulting experience exemplifies an equitable workspace designed with people in mind.”

Large Architecture

Sandstone Quarry in Fineview. Photo by Ed Massery.

Sandstone Quarry Apartments, Fineview — Certificate of Merit

Architects: Rothschild Doyno Collaborative

Client: Trek Development and Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh

“Sandstone Quarry Apartments design presents a fresh vision for the mixed-income site. The reconfigured building orientation helps establish new connections and potential for vibrant community development.”

TechMill 41 in Lawrenceville. Photo by Ed Massery.

TechMill 41, Lawrenceville — Certificate of Merit

Architect: Rothschild Doyno Collaborative

Client: confidential

“TechMill 41 office building relishes in the industrial past along the Allegheny River while introducing a contemporary building language and new density of use for the site. Efforts to integrate textures, artifacts and parts of old buildings with new interventions recontextualize the entire development.”

Yale Science Building. Photo courtesy of Jeff Goldberg/Esto.

Yale Science Building, New Haven, Connecticut — Honor Award

Architects: Stantec

Client: Yale University

“The Yale Science Building design demonstrates a high degree of integration in addressing the project’s communal, operational and environmental goals. The elegant, understated aesthetics of the exterior envelope and interior spaces reflect the seemingly effortless weaving of function and performance. The project presents a holistic approach and a higher standard when addressing the needs of the scientific community.”

MuseumLab. Photograph courtesy of Eric Staudenmaier.

MuseumLab at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, North Side — Silver Award

Architects: Perfido Weiskopf Wagstaff + Goettel (PWWG Architects)

Client: Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

Unbuilt Architecture

In Service to Refugees. Photo courtesy of Rothschild Doyno Collaborative.

In Service to Refugees — Social Equity in Design Award

Architects: Rothschild Doyno Collaborative

Client: Hello Neighbor

“In Service of Refugees offers a much-needed resource to a community in need and helps harness the energy of collaboration and social advocacy.”

Etna EcoDistrict Plan. Rendering courtesy of EvolveEA.

Etna EcoDistrict Plan, Etna — Honor Award

Architects: evolve environment :: architecture

Client: Borough of Etna, Etna Community Organization, Etna Economic Development Corporation, Etna Neighborhood Association, Garden of Etna, Triboro Ecodistrict

“The Etna EcoDistrict Plan provides a set of invaluable tools that educate and enable communities to strive for a clean and equitable future. The proposed interventions offer an invigorating vision for otherwise residual, underutilized urban spaces.”

Young Architect’s Studio Competition (YASC)

Ars Moriendi. Rendering courtesy of Jason Andrews.

Ars Moriendi

Architect: Jason Andrews

“The jury felt that the designer portrayed a great understanding of the design criteria, while meeting an immediate physical and psychological need for themselves, and a dear family member. The level of clarity and communicating the intent was outstanding. The design provided flexibility and serenity in a quickly changing world and was also representative of the fragility of our transient lives and captured how important our human connections with each other in our surroundings truly are.”

People’s Choice

AGH Academic Cancer Institute.

AGH Academic Cancer Institute

Architects: IKM Incorporated

Client: Allegheny Health Network