GE announced it will build a new manufacturing facility in Findlay Township that is expected to create 50 high-tech engineering jobs. The site was chosen to capitalize on the region’s assets, including a skilled workforce and a diverse academic landscape.

Investing $32 million over three years, the new 125,000 square-foot facility with expansion capability will focus on innovation, finding ways to improve manufacturing processes as well as materials in the industry. In particular, the Findlay Township site will work to expand the applications of additive manufacturing, often called 3-D printing, across GE’s businesses.

GE intends to strengthen its position in advanced manufacturing by directing substantial resources toward developing new additive manufacturing techniques, the company’s vice chairman Dan Heintzelman said in a statement.

“Advanced manufacturing is driving a profound change in industry and at GE. It is how we will compete and win in the future.”

Governor Corbett attributed GE’s choice to build in Findlay Township to the state’s attractive economic environment.

Construction on the facility will begin in March 2015, finishing in September 2015. As of publication time, GE officials said they could not give an exact location.

Margaret J Krauss

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