IKEA furnishings line the walls of a transit shelter at the Super Stop

A modern transportation hub with unusual amenities–such as bike racks and picnic tables–opened Tuesday outside of Robinson Town Center’s IKEA store. Dubbed a “Super Stop” by officials, the space will promote multimodal transportation as well as serve as a community space.

“We wanted to integrate the bus shelter into the community,” says Lynn Manion, Airport Corridor Transportation Association executive director. “There are 30,000 jobs with in a mile-and-a-half radius and no way for people to walk to work.”

The hub will be a focal point for public transit as it connects commuters from Port Authority buses to the ACTA’s on-demand shuttles, which serve the Robinson Town Center.

At the grand opening event Governor Corbett praised the new facility which also features benches, trash receptacles and a bike workstation for simple repairs. Images of IKEA furnishings line the walls of the transit shelter to create a room-like setting outdoors.

The hub connects to Robinson Town Center through a new pedestrian crossing over Park Manor Blvd. Safety features include new traffic signals, signage and protected turning lanes for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.

The design was based on community mobility surveys and two ATCA studies exploring suburban mobility. “We wanted to see the main factors that were hampering mobility,” Manion says. “That’s how we selected the different aspects of the project. There are a lot of different elements that came together.”

The project was made possible by a $700,000 grant from PennDOT, $250,000 and land donated from IKEA and contributions from PNC Bank and Robinson Township.

Ryan Hoffman

A recent grad of Pitt's Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, Ryan also has a degree in journalism. He has a passion for innovative ideas in Pittsburgh, green urban spaces, music and the...