Potomac Avenue shopping district. Photo by Ed Massery.

At NEXTpittsburgh, our mission is to tell the stories about the people, projects and places making Pittsburgh a better place for all, and to help you get the most out of this constantly evolving city we love.

One way we do that is through our Neighborhood Guides which offer a snapshot of the many cool, sometimes quirky parts of Pittsburgh worth exploring.

While we started the guides when we launched nearly four and half years ago, and continued to update them along the way, we recently started a more concerted effort to update of all our Neighborhood Guides even as we add more to the list.

Here’s where you come in: Our readers are among the most involved and plugged-in people in this city. So we want to know what you love and where you like to go. Tell us what’s new in the neighborhood where you live and the neighborhoods where you work and spend time.

What restaurants have you discovered? What little shops deserve wider attention and what do you find are the coolest things to do throughout Pittsburgh?

You can reach us in any way that’s convenient for you: Message us below this story or via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Or email us at info@nextpittsburgh.com. We’re listening and we’d love your input.

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