Photo by TH Carlisle.

What is it that allows some cities to escape the “boom and bust” town narrative to become livable, workable, and sustainable? And can these models be replicated in other small, struggling towns?

These are the questions Fast Company asks in a story published yesterday exploring how other American cities can learn from the success of a place like Pittsburgh.

“The death of the American manufacturing sector made ghost towns out of cities across America,” the story begins.

“In these challenging times, some cities were successful at reinventing themselves and went on to forge new economies and transform their once-sprawling, empty lands into something new, something remarkable. Year after year, Pittsburgh appears on best cities for jobs lists, thanks to its burgeoning tech industry after a desperate decline following the fall of American steel. Then there are other cities, like Detroit, that have a tougher time recovering after their major industry dried up.”

Read the full story to learn what Fast Company has to say about Pittsburgh’s role as a “smart city of the future.”

Melissa Rayworth

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