Chance Humphrey and Cody Baker from Creatives Drink

Cody Baker and Chance Humphrey want to inspire you. They’re the team behind Creatives Drink, a quarterly networking event for Pittsburgh’s growing creative community. Each event is an opportunity for young creatives to connect with each other and engage in a relaxed space over free cocktails and good tunes.

It started as a simple idea that blew up into something even more successful than the creators envisioned. The goal: to create an energized mixer bringing together talented, ambitious like-minded people. Creatives Drink is now in its second year, attracting larger crowds each time as it moves to different locations around the city. The most recent event, Creatives Drink 7, was held on February 9th at the Carnegie Museum of Art. The next one will take place in May with date and location to be announced. Each mixer is free and open to all ages. The drinks are also free, provided by local breweries and spirit makers (bring ID). The vibe is fun and relaxed and all are welcome.

In addition to the Creatives Drink series, both men are visual artists with a slate of projects that keep them moving all over the city.

Cody is a photographer and artist who creates media content for restaurants and businesses downtown. He also produces Pop Style, a monthly music and visual event at Brillobox featuring back-to-back rap and club music. (instagram: @tehbakery)

Chance runs the popular Instagram site, @KeepPittsburghDope. He also creates social media photography for Boutique La Passerelle downtown and Cotton Bureau in the Strip District, and is working on marketing projects with Carnegie Library and Point Park. A showcase featuring some of his individual work is planned for later in the year.

Clearly both of these guys get around town a lot. So what’s the best meal they ate last week?

Cody: My best meal last week was at Market Street Grocery. Every Wednesday they have General Tso’s chicken, rice and broccoli for lunch. I’ve probably had it every week for the past two months. It’s funny to see it catch on with the downtown work crowd . . . a line actually forms over this damn chicken.

Chance: That’s easy. It was the chicken and waffles from The Goldmark in Lawrenceville. The chicken is tender and the waffles are just the right amount of sweet. So good!

More details about future Creatives Drink gatherings, can be found on the event’s website and Facebook page.

Tom O'Connor

Tom O'Connor is a photographer and writer currently based in Pittsburgh.