The Re:NEW festival kicked off Friday night with a lively party in the Wintergarden at PPG Place celebrating the monthlong display of recycled art throughout the city. To get a big, impressive dose, spend some time in the glass-walled Wintergarden and see the clever and arresting Drap-Art—a portrait from egg cartons, a metal chair made of bottle tops, a reassembled typewriter—that is part of the international festival of recycled art. If you’re like us, you’ll walk away feeling renewed. We captured some highlights here. To find out what’s going on this week at the Re:NEW Festival, check out our preview here.


Mary Stevenson Cassatt, 2016. Varnish on egg cartons, joined by rings. By Veronica Arellano, Spain.


Plastic Power Dress, 2008, made of bottle caps, soda can rings, knitted plastic bags and soda cans, six pack holders, champagne bottle cap wire. By Jana Alvarez.


Hedonism, left (acrylic flowers and electronic waste) and L’Art, right (mixed media, old paint brushes and tubes, electronic waste. By Jana Alvarez.


Nodriza, 2005, collage of objects on ironing board. By Karol Bergeret.


Limpiadora, Educadora and Camerera, collages of objects on ironing boards. By Karol Bergerot.


Fishes, 2012-16, made of tin cans. By Orson Buch, Paris.


Milano Chair, 2010, made of residual iron and steel cuttings. By Alberto Carvajal, Spain.


Meditation, 2009, bottle caps and iron. By Farafina, Barcelona + Malik M’Baye, Dakar.


Pieces of furniture resting on chair, 2012. Made of pieces of old furniture and little wooden blocks. By Josecarlos Florez, Lima.


Frozen Art, 2014, (left). Fridge door, neon letters and diverse objects. By Fabio De Minicis and Bahla Blanca, Argentina


Cosmocircus, 2013, made of metal and bicycle parts. By Neus Relats, Barcelona.


Bicho, 2015. Reassembled Typewriter. By Quim Rifa, Barcelona.

All photos by TH Carlisle.