Dave Cerminara, founder of Apis Mead & Winery in Carnegie.

After four years of making beer for the Penn Brewery, Dave Cerminara struck out on his own earlier this year when he opened Apis Mead & Winery in Carnegie.

I went down to the food truck roundup at the Brew Gentlemen in Braddock and had a gyro from Gyros N’at. [Owner Thom Gulish’s] gyros are amazing, because he cooks the meat with the onions and some sauce, then adds more sauce. Gyros were a big deal to me growing up because we’d always go to Mike & Tony’s Gyros on Carson Street, and they had the best gyros, so I was very picky about it. My uncle grew up on the South Side, but lived in North Carolina, and I remember as a kid we’d pick him up at the airport 10 or 20 years ago and we couldn’t even go to my house because we had to go to Mike & Tony’s first. It didn’t matter if it was a Sunday morning or a Monday evening. As long as they were open, we’d go. He wasn’t happy until that happened.

Matthew Wein

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