Tim Russell is the founder and owner of Maggie’s Farm Rum, which in just one year on the scene has become one of Pittsburgh’s most popular craft distilleries. Last month, his Queen’s Share—an overproof rum made from multiple distillations of the tails of his standard white rum—won a silver medal at the New York International Spirits Competition, in which no rum won gold. Maggie’s white and spiced rums are slated to hit state store shelves next month. This weekend, Maggie’s Farm will release its first eau de vie—a double-distilled and fermented pear brandy.

It was a Thin Man sandwich! I had beef cheek hash on a baguette. The hash was actually made up of beef cheek and root vegetables, and I had their cauliflower cheese soup to go with that. That was actually the first really cold day we’ve had where it fell below freezing, so that was nice. Then I came back to the distillery and drank tea.

I like Thin Man Sandwich Shop a lot because it’s a gourmet meal between bread. I’m in the Strip, I’m a one-man show during the week and I don’t have a lot of time to get out, so if I do, it’s usually for a quick lunch. There are 100 places in the Strip for quick lunches, but to get a good meal really quick that’s just slapped between bread, that’s the go-to place.

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