Bakn in Carnegie

Bakn, the Carnegie-based restaurant known for its creative bacon-centric menu, is gearing up for its first national exposure on the Food Network’s Ginormous Food. The prime time cable series filmed a segment on April 25 scheduled to air later this month.

Ginormous Food follows host Josh Denny, a stand-up comic and self-described “food fanatic,” on his adventures across the country looking for the biggest and tastiest dishes, and meeting the chefs behind the creations. Previous episodes have featured gluttonous encounters with a five-foot pizza and an eight-pound barbecue sandwich.

How did Bakn grab the attention of the series’ producers? Simply put, it was the earth-shattering Bakn Quake. Described as having a seismic taste explosion, this mega-creation consists of three 20-inch pancakes filled with fried eggs, cheddar cheese and seven types of house-made bacon, topped with maple syrup and then folded like tacos.

Seven types of bacon. Just let that sink in.

Ginormous Foods' Josh Denny (L) with Bakn's Randy Tozzie (R). Photo by Bakn.
Ginormous Foods’ Josh Denny (L) with Bakn’s Randy Tozzie (R). Photo by Bakn.
Ginormous Foods’ Josh Denny (L) with Bakn’s Randy Tozzie (R). Photo by Bakn.

Chef Randy Tozzie, who co-owns the restaurant with Susan McMahon, says the couple was elated when they got the call from the producers at Ginormous Food.

“As a chef, being on the Food Network is like playing in the Stanley Cup finals,” says Tozzie adding, “The day the film crew came was amazing. Bakn was filled with cameramen, sound techs, food stylists, producers and so many of our supportive enthusiastic customers.”

Bakn will host a viewing party the night of the premiere featuring event-themed specials. Tozzie and McMahon are looking forward to what they hope will be a packed house of friends, family and fans. “We’re so grateful to our incredible team at Bakn and all the loving customers who have contributed to our success,” says Tozzie.

The Carnegie restaurant will share the Pittsburgh spotlight with Primanti Bros. The iconic chain restaurant, featured multiple times on Food Network, prepares an oversized version of its classic grilled meat sandwich stuffed with coleslaw and fries on the same episode of Ginormous Food. The episode is scheduled to air on the Food Network on June 16 at 8 p.m.

Tom O'Connor

Tom O'Connor is a photographer and writer currently based in Pittsburgh.