Photo courtesy of Chef Odette

Chef Odette is the second half of the Zagat-acclaimed Chaz & Odette which opened last year in Shadyside. Since the Zagat mention, their jerk pork and yam coulis has been a best-seller. And the restaurant just keeps on getting better.

This Sunday, Chaz & Odette launches their Jazz Brunch—expanding on their popular evening jazz sessions — with a buffet, a live band on the first floor and a second-floor dining area set up to be family-friendly. “We want to make sure everyone feels welcome and gets a chance to enjoy the food and music,” says Chef Odette.

Her best meal last week was more treat than meal. And now we’re craving it.

Best meal I ate last week, I have to say, was not a “meal”—it was a treat! I went back to Lower Burrell and had some fantastic custard from Glen’s Custard Shoppe. I used to live in Tarentum and I would frequently go to Glen’s—which was right between work and home.

Glen’s has really good, old-fashioned homemade ice cream. They have two branches, one in Lower Burrell and one in Springdale. And if you want to see an old-fashioned custard-making machine, make your way to Springdale—they still have it.

Everything at Glen’s is old-timey good—they even have milkshakes made so thick, you can stand the spoon up. They also have old-fashioned sodas—some call them “floats”—I love both the root beer and orange ones!

But my favorite is the chocolate ice cream cone—it’s basic but always good. When I go, I also always bring home a bag of ice cream sandwiches. These sandwiches are handmade—they start with really good chocolate wafers, then they scoop up some custard and make the sandwiches. Very few places make them that way anymore.

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Leah Lizarondo is a food advocate, writer and speaker. She is also the co-founder of 412 Food Rescue, an organization that seeks to eliminate food waste to make an impact on hunger and the environment. She is the Chief Veghacker, recipe creator and curator at The Brazen Kitchen, where she writes about food and food policy. She writes about the intersection of food, health, innovation and policy.