Pizza from Driftwood oven.

In our new Monday column, we’ll give you recommendations on what to eat, drink and do in the week ahead.

Eat: Driftwood Oven

Driftwood Oven is the latest (and dare we say greatest?) addition to Pittsburgh’s mobile pizza scene. Started by Legume alums Neil Blazin and Justin Vetter, Driftwood Oven is bringing their wood-fired, sourdough pies to breweries, events and coffee shops around town. Their offerings range from the classic Margherita to the not-yet-classic Hawk Bait, a white pie topped with mustard greens, pancetta and Schof Kase (a local Pecorino-style cheese).

Blazin and Vetter pay attention to every ingredient that goes into the oven, sourcing meats and produce from local farms and hand-stretching their own mozzarella from coveted Caputo Brothers curds. No matter the toppings, the naturally-leavened dough is always the star. Blistered and slightly tangy, Blazin’s crusts are a testament to his years of monk-like dedication to the art of baking.

Blazin and Vetter left other jobs to pursue mobile pizza full-time, so you’ll be seeing their brick-oven-on-wheels all over town. Driftwood Oven makes weekly appearances at the Brew Gentlemen, Staghorn Garden Café and Grist House Brewing, among others. Check out their Facebook page for info. on all of their upcoming stops.

Drink: Maggie’s Farm Airline Rum

Like it or not, it’s about time to start booking those holiday flights. Thankfully, Maggie’s Farm has designed a new product with the weary air traveler in mind. The rum distillery recently released their Airline Overproof Rum, which is for sale at the Strip District tasting room. The tiny bottles clock in at 100 ml and a whopping 140 proof—the maximum volume and ABV allowed by the TSA. Put one (or two, or five) in a Ziploc bag and you’ll be able to waltz right through security with Maggie’s Farm’s distinctive, pot still rum.

A word of warning: TSA regulations do prohibit inflight consumption of any alcohol not poured by a flight attendant. So when they bring the beverage cart around, make friends. And leave a nice tip.

Do: Wethoptober

After going to the Wigle Barrelhouse and Whiskey Garden on Friday night for our NEXT 3 Days kickoff, we suggest you return on Saturday night for the 3rd Annual Wethoptober Celebration. Wigle is teaming up with GTECH Strategies and East End Brewing Company to celebrate all things hoppy. Attendees will have the opportunity to sample Wigle’s 2014-harvest of hopped whiskey, enjoy a hopped whiskey cocktail and taste three wet-hopped East End beers.

GTECH Strategies works to improve communities and build green economies in Pittsburgh in a variety of ways, including reclaiming vacant land. Since 2013, GTECH has grown hops on an unused portion of Garfield Community Farm, giving the land a new life while contributing to some tasty brews. Wigle Whiskey got in on the local hop action as well, creating a hopped wheat whiskey using Chinook and Cascade hops grown at Soergel Orchards.

Wethoptober celebrates those partnerships and raises money for GTECH’s vacant lot projects. Grab your tickets here.

Drew Cranisky

Drew Cranisky is a writer, bartender and recent graduate of Chatham University's Food Studies program. He enjoys cats, pinball and fancy burgers.