Ed Bailey of Drinking Partners

Comedian Ed Bailey, along with Day Bracey, co-hosts Drinking Partners, the entertaining local podcast that’s all about spirited conversations between the hosts and their guestsoften a mix of Pittsburgh entrepreneurs, politicians and entertainers. Conversations flow freely over craft beers, and both Bailey and Bracey spark insightful discussions with their special brand of offbeat humor.

As followers of Drinking Partners know, Bailey is recovering from injuries sustained in an auto accident earlier in the year. We’re happy to report he’s on the mend and has finally returned to the podcast.

During his recovery, Bailey frequented Lydiah’s Coffee House, 200 Grant St., Downtown, as his go-to spot for nourishing meals. Lydiah’s is a favorite Downtown dining and carryout restaurant known for authentic Kenyan cuisine as well as a rotation of Caribbean specialties. True to its name, it also features a selection of coffees and chai teas. It was Bailey’s pick for the best meal he ate last week:

Nothing jumpstarts you on the road to recovery like a good meal, served by good people. Lydiah’s gives the appearance of a takeout restaurant, but if you venture upstairs to dine inside, the atmosphere is comfortable and inviting. The staff is hospitable and attentive, always making sure you enjoy the wonderful food.

The menu is not typical of a coffeehouse, or like anything that you will get in the city of Pittsburgh. Last week, I ordered the peanut chicken, rice and spinach. The food was FANTASTIC and it really broke the monotony of typical lunch food.

The key to the food’s flavor is its authenticity. Lydiah, the owner, is Kenyan and the food tastes as if she is cooking for a family gathering. The chicken and spinach were seasoned perfectly with East African spices and I relished in the fact that I was eating what felt like a home-cooked meal in the middle of the day. Additionally, Lydiah’s offers both large and small meal portions. While I was tempted to order a large, I opted for the small and it proved to be more than enough for lunch.

Check out the latest podcast of Drinking Partners here, and browse back in their history to find previous episodes like this one featuring Mayor Bill Peduto. Bailey will be headlining at The Pittsburgh Improv May 17. Both Bailey and Bracey host a monthly show at the Comtra Theater on the last Saturday of the month. Lydiah’s Coffee House is open Monday – Friday.

Day Bracey (L) and Ed Bailey of the Drinking Partners podcast. Photo: Epicast Network
Day Bracey (left) and Ed Bailey of the Drinking Partners podcast. Photo: Epicast Network.

Tom O'Connor is a photographer and writer currently based in Pittsburgh.