Julia Erickson

Julia Erickson is busy with rehearsals and getting ready for the launch of Barre’s new line of products in the coming weeks. The dancer and entrepreneur is very much into health and wellness (you have to be if you’re as active as she is!) but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying the city’s great food scene.

Best meal she ate last week?

“Best meal I had last week was at Spoon. We always go to Spoon and I tend to always get the same thing—their gorgonzola bleu cheese soufflé. It’s so good—and they serve it with a salad that pairs perfectly. I also got the roasted cauliflower served with a ricotta mousse and Asian pear.

But I really have to talk about these chive biscuits that they give you. They have a bread basket with a baguette, corn muffin and awesome cream cheese and chive biscuits. I always ask for more.

I really love Spoon. I mean, I really love Spoon. When we go there, we usually just sit at the bar. The great thing about Spoon is you can just walk up as you are or you can get dressed up. It’s one of those places where you can do both. And we always get such a great meal.”


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