Katie Heldstab (right) and Christa Puskarich of Leona's Ice Cream Sandwiches

Katie Heldstab and Christa Puskarich are behind Leona’s Ice Cream Sandwiches—one of Pittsburgh’s fastest-growing mobile food businesses. Their first summer peddling sandwiches combining artfully crafted, low-lactose ice cream with enormous homemade cookies took them to every noteworthy spot on Pittsburgh’s mobile food circuit and quickly made them one of the city’s favorite desert purveyors.

Katie: Last Thursday, we went to Roundabout Brewery to drink their beers and enjoy sausages from Berlin Street Foods. We’re big meat eaters and I lived in Wisconsin for 10 years, so German sausage is very near and dear to my heart. We just had bratwurst and it was unbelievable. I like mine with yellow mustard and Christa does ketchup. It was so simple, so incredibly delicious.

I’m very discerning when it comes to my German wursts, and this was hands down the best I’ve had in recent memory. They give the spice blend to their butcher and he makes it for them, so it’s their own recipe. They have these little rolls that are tiny so you’re not overwhelmed with bread, but they’re just enough to hold the sausage.

Roundabout was serving beers they’d developed in collaboration with a brewery in Chicago, and they had this beer made with beets and caraway called Cobra Juicy. I was drinking that all night.

Matthew Wein

Matthew Wein is a local writer, editor, blogger, storyteller and proud native Pittsburgher. Once described as "a man of things," he covers city design, spirits and craft beer for NEXT, where he keeps all of the editorial meetings light-hearted and interesting. His interests include sorting books, looking at old things and candles which smell like old-growth pine forests.