Keith Fuller

Keith Fuller is one of Pittsburgh’s most-loved chefs–not only for his creative dishes at Regent Square’s Root 174 but also for the unflagging generosity with his time. Keith is a fixture at nonprofit events, tirelessly devoting his talent to numerous causes.

And Keith is also known for another thing. He is one of the geekiest chefs out there. On May 4th he will be hosting a Star Wars dinner along with Eleven’s Derek Stevens. Last year, the event sold out in 10 minutes. Hope you catch it this year.

Keith’s best meal last week?

The best meal I had last week was over the weekend. I went to The Urban Pie’s pop-up at Bread and Salt in Bloomfield.

Steve Mason was holding a pop-up dinner and I went after work around 10—wanted to catch it before it closed at 11.

I had the roasted cauliflower pie with herb confit, aged provolone, Pecorino romano and homemade provolone. It was great!

Steve is a paramedic and he grew up in pizza shops all his life. He is so into pizzas, it’s not even funny.

His pizzas remind me of my childhood in Luxembourg, in Europe. When I was a kid, we would go down this big hill to this tiny restaurant that served pizza; Steve’s pizza’s come close to that.

Steve is building a mobile oven and right now and as he ramps up, he is doing pop-ups. You have to try his stuff, it’s really good!

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