Chad and Laura Townsend. Photo by Laura Petrilla
Chad and Laura Townsend. Photo by Laura Petrilla
Chad and Laura Townsend. Photo by Laura Petrilla

Summer is about to end but fear not—Chad and Lauren Townsend of Millie’s Homemade Ice Cream will keep your summer going all winter with their inventive ice cream. Launched last year, their product line has truly blossomed. After a successful crowdfunding campaign, they bought their own pasteurizer and opened a a certified dairy plant in Homewood where they churn out the best ice creams and sorbets. Their Fall CSA is open for registration now and they plan to open a scoop shop in the Spring.

The couple aren’t strangers to good food—Chad was Salt’s executive chef prior to founding Millie’s so we were curious about their best meal last week.

We had so many good meals last week (especially when Chad makes dinner!) but a takeout dinner from Soba was particularly memorable.

We had just finished up making ice cream in Homewood and we were starving. I asked Chad to pick up some food on his way home. He called Chef Dustin (Gardner) around 10:45 p.m. to see if he could pick up a late dinner and Dustin and his team made us a feast. You could imagine how excited I was when Chad came home with dinner from Soba when I was expecting Taco Bell.

We had a Burmese tea leaf salad, a local tomato salad, Soba’s famous ahi tuna, pad thai, salmon maki and a pretzel caramel dessert made by Emily Bourdon.

Everything was perfectly seasoned and executed. My favorite dish was the tomato salad – it tasted just like “late summer” which is my favorite time to eat in Pittsburgh. I am pretty easy to impress, admittedly, but my husband? Not so much. He was raving!

Chad and I ended up eating a very fancy meal in the comfort of our own home in our sweatpants. Our dog, Bert, was drooling!

We plan to go back for a date night soon. It had been awhile since we had food from Soba and it was better than ever.

Ahi Tuna from Soba. Photo courtesy of Soba/big burrito

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Leah Lizarondo

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