Believe it or not, it isn’t summer yet. Despite our fair share of sweltering days, the season doesn’t officially kick off until June 21st. To celebrate that big day, Legume is throwing another Summer Solstice Party, a Sunday evening bash complete with food, music and homemade country wine.

“This is our third summer solstice party at Legume and it has become a very special event for me,” explains Trevett Hooper, chef and co-owner of Oakland’s Legume and its adjoining bar, Butterjoint. Though Legume is a fine dining establishment every other day of the year, the party is a chance for everybody to loosen up a bit.

“Our goal for this party has always been to bring the many facets of the Legume community together in one place—the regulars, former staff, the farmers, the purveyors and the many people who keep us going,” says Hooper. “The informality of the event is designed for us to hang out with yinz, so it should be fun for everyone.”

This year’s party will start off with a social hour featuring homemade wine and mead, as well as music from local alt-folk band Arlo Aldo. The main event is, of course, the food—a buffet table heaving with the simple, comforting fare for which the restaurant is known. And at the end of the night, Chad Townsend of Millie’s Homemade Ice Cream will be serving up scoops for dessert.

Grab your tickets here. Do it right now, because they’re sure to go fast. If you can’t make it, not to worry—the Summer Solstice Party isn’t the only cool thing Hooper and his crew are up to these days. Legume constantly reinvents their menu, combining traditional techniques with intriguing seasonal and foraged ingredients. They host regular (and irregular) events, like Cheap Date Night and a monthly fundraiser at Butterjoint. And did I mention Dacha? Hooper’s new Eastern European and Russian-inspired restaurant, which will aim to “serve food that is—as much as we can know—as non-violent, non-exploitative, and ultimately life affirming as possible,” is continuing to take shape, and Team Dacha will host a dinner at Wigle Whiskey on July 23rd.

With all of that and more going on, the Legume crew deserves a killer party. And you deserve to ring in summer in style.

In other news…

Oakland Restaurant Week is back. The week of June 22nd, 18 Oakland restaurants will offer $6 lunches for six days.

Though it didn’t quite make its planned Memorial Day opening, the Pittsburgh Zoo’s new Jambo Grill (which we wrote about here) will open this week.

Draai Laag Brewing, makers of all things sour and funky, are constructing a beer garden outside their Millvale taproom. They plan to open it in early July.

Drew Cranisky

Drew Cranisky is a writer, bartender and recent graduate of Chatham University's Food Studies program. He enjoys cats, pinball and fancy burgers.