Naturoll Creamery owner
Owner Cyndie Delucia of Naturoll Creamery at the register. Photo by Maya Henry.

NatuRoll Creamery has opened at 4318 Butler Street in Lawrenceville serving up “rolled” ice cream inspired by a culinary trend that originated in Thailand.

Owner Cyndie Delucia was a photographer who often made ice cream at home. She stumbled upon rolled ice cream while googling different techniques she could use. Then she practiced for over a year before opening NatuRoll.

“I saw it [the rolled ice cream technique] and fell in love with it,” says Delucia. She traveled to New York City to visit a rolled ice cream shop and when she had perfected her technique, she found an available space that was formerly a newsstand in Lawrenceville.

“People keep asking us ‘why didn’t you open in Cranberry?’, ” says Delucia, who lives with her husband in Mars. “Lawrenceville is one of our favorite places and it is really all about the foot traffic here.”

The Sweet & Salty at NatuRoll Creamery.

To make rolled ice cream, the ice cream “batter” is spread over a cold-plate and toppings are added while it freezes before being shaved into rolls and served upright in a cup topped with more toppings and optional whipped cream. The whole process takes about two minutes.

The batter recipe is all Delucia’s, though her daughter helped with the flavor combinations which include Cookie Monster (oreo + chocolate), Monkey Business (banana + Nutella), Sweet & Salty (salted caramel + pretzel), plus the fruity options Chocolate Cherry-on-top (cherry + graham cracker), Very, Very Berry & Cherry (raspberry, blueberry, strawberry with a cherry on top), and Straw-banana-Berry (strawberry + banana).

Delucia is taking suggestions for flavors and combos to feature—the menu will change each week, though popular favorites will remain. Delucia estimates the weekly menu may feature as many as nine to twelve options in the future.

Max Adams serves up ice cream at NatuRoll.

A “made-to-order” option is coming soon, where you will be able to select your flavor of ice cream and up to two mix-ins, and a vegan option is on the way—she is in Lawrenceville after all.

Delucia emphasized that the business is family-centered with her younger brother doing the build-out for the interior and her older brother acting as manager. She also praised the amazing employees she found to do the “rolling” who trained for 10 days before the store’s opening.

While flavors abound, there is currently just one size available for $7. NatuRoll is open Tuesday through Saturday from 12 to 9 p.m. and Sunday from 12 to 6 p.m.

Maya Haptas

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