Quelcy Kogel

Quelcy Kogel needs a bigger business card. Photographer, blogger, food stylist, baker, writer, event planner—the list of Kogel’s titles goes on and on. Over at her blog, With the Grains, she puts all those pieces together, sharing recipes and stories in one elegantly designed and photographed package. Kogel spends her days making beautiful food and making food look beautiful, all with her awesome dog Julep by her side.

Quelcy, Julep and Kyle. Photo by Christopher Sprowls.

When Kogel isn’t arranging food, she occasionally finds the time to eat it. She shared the best meal(s) she ate last week and told us why she’s got one more title to add to that list.

Earlier this spring, my boyfriend, Kyle Pattison, launched Hazelwood Urban Farms, and I added “Part Time Farmer” to my title. On a typical day, at least one of us was farming until sunset. That sundown schedule made for late night dinners. The schedule, the fresh ingredients and our love of cooking meant we ate most of our meals at home. 

Lately, we’ve been savoring the last fall has to offer including green tomatoes. This may be biased, but the best meal I ate last week we cooked at home as a way to use the remaining green tomatoes, green peppers and eggplant. I prepared a brown rice pappardelle pasta with a ground beef, tomato and vegetable sauce and topped it all with spelt and cornmeal battered fried green tomatoes. I’ll be sharing the recipe on my blog (With The Grains) soon in case anyone else is seeking inspiration for the last of the vines’ output. The farm has definitely pushed me to explore ingredients in new ways! 

 Hopefully one day at the farm we’ll have a pizza oven because in conjunction with our many farm-inspired meals, we eat a lot of pizza! Last week I attended the “In Bed By Ten” dance party at Spirit Lodge, which was the perfect excuse to finally try Slice Island (I was a big fan of the boat!). [Slice Island grew out of Pittsburgh’s popular mobile pizza oven, The Pizza Boat.] I started with the basic cheese pizza, but I’m already craving my next slice, and I can’t wait to explore the other combinations.

See more of Kogel’s work on her website.

Drew Cranisky

Drew Cranisky is a writer, bartender and recent graduate of Chatham University's Food Studies program. He enjoys cats, pinball and fancy burgers.