Scott Smith

Scott Smith, founder of East End Brewing, demurs at being called Pittsburgh’s “Godfather of Craft Beer.” But it’s hard to deny when you consider the fact that East End Brewing was founded 10 years ago before the nascent craft beer boom in our city.

His best meal last week?

“The best meal I ate last week was breakfast at Enrico’s. I always get the beans and greens. What I love about Enrico’s–part of it is that the setting is absolutely spectacular – cozy and tight. I’m packed in the most unlikely room with a few good friends after we’ve gone someplace for morning coffee. The tables are small, but somehow I’m comfortable in there. The service is super relaxed and the foodi is wonderfully prepared. Its simple, its rustic, there’s nothing trendy about – unless you consider real food trendy.”

After 10 years, East End Brewing has finally opened a brew pub where we can enjoy pints of its excellent brews. Check out the East End Brewing website for the brew pub launch events happening all season.

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