Tara Sherry-Torres is founder of Latinoburgh.
Courtesy Tara Sherry-Torres.

On any given day, Tara Sherry-Torres is doing 10 things at once. Sherry-Torres, founder of Café con Leche—an organization that leads events and advocacy for Latino culture in Pittsburgh—is active in many multi-cultural and diversity initiatives in our city. Most recently, she launched a Latino artist residency program at Most Wanted Fine Art and this month she fills a culinary void in our region via Sobremesa—a monthly supper club featuring Puerto Rican food.

Each dinner will have limited seating, entertainment and an opportunity to meet the artists of the residency program. All dinners include an appetizer, entree with sides, dessert and beverages, served buffet style. The first dinner is on March 12th and tickets are $75 and on sale here.

We asked Sherry-Torres what her best meal was last week and she takes us to her favorite neighborhood spot.

The best meal I had last week was at Caliente in Bloomfield. My partner and I live in Bloomfield and we often work late—by the time we get home, sometimes we just don’t feel like cooking. Caliente is one of the few places where the kitchen is open really late and we gladly head there. 

I always start out by getting an IPA—Caliente has a great and always changing selection of beers and I love trying new IPAs whenever we go there. Different every single time. And then I always order the BEST wings—Caliente has one called “Cool Runnings.” Yes, like the movie about the Jamaican bobsled team and the dressing that comes with it is ranch dressing BUT with jerk sauce. It is so awesome, I just want to drink it—and we always ask them to give us extra sauce! Even better, we also always order spicy fries with it—which has a buffalo rub. It’s heart attack central but it’s so good!

 So between the IPAs, the wings and fries—Caliente is the bomb.

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