Party cookie ice cream cone
Party cookie ice cream from Antney's. Photo courtesy of @ana.eats.pgh.

Anthony Ciotti and his wife Leanne opened Antney’s in 2012 — making it a genuine mom-and-pop ice cream shop. But Antney’s is anything but traditional.

Changing things up and getting creative with unusual ice cream flavors has always been the name of the game. While customers know not to expect the same options at every visit, they also know they’re in for a treat regardless of what that day’s flavor list includes.

The small building on Poplar Street in Green Tree would be easy to drive past if you didn’t know where it is — but on summer evenings you’re sure to see the line of loyal customers. And there are usually plenty more sitting at the picnic tables around back.

Antney’s is a low-frills, high-flavor establishment. Photo courtesy of Scott Auth.

In addition to ice cream, Antney’s makes frozen yogurt and sorbet and has non-dairy vegan flavors on the menu as well.

The menu also features a variety of sundae options, but if you’re not down for a bowl or a cone, Antney’s has shakes, floats, coolers (frozen fruit-flavored drinks), and BBTs, a blend of soft ice cream with mix-ins.

Antney’s offers staples such as vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, but what makes it worth the trip are the special flavors of the day.

The shop makes ice cream on-site using its own recipes, often inspired by requests from customers who may end up with their names on the menu.

On a recent weekday, Antney’s list included Mel’s Fruity Pebbles, Cody’s Oreo Explosion and Maddie’s Samoa.

Don’t bother memorizing the menu at Antney’s because it changes often. Photo by Kim Lyons.

If your dog is into frozen treats, Antney’s also offers a Pup Cup, a frozen peanut butter banana treat that was well-received during a recent visit (if slightly messy).

The only drawback of such a quirky menu is that it makes it extremely difficult to choose. But we can report that the coffee caramel swirl was delicious without any bitter coffee aftertaste, and Mel’s Fruity Pebbles flavor was surprisingly tasty as well.

If you’re planning to visit Antney’s, do expect a line, especially on a weekend evening. While the shop doesn’t do much in the way of advertising or social media, word of mouth has built up a dedicated customer base and keeping things fun has served them well.

Antney’s is open daily during the season from 5 to 9 p.m.

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