Trevett Hooper

Legume and Butterjoint Chef/Owner, Trevett Hooper is Pittsburgh’s foremost champion for sustainable food. Consistently one of Pittsburgh’s best restaurants since it opened, Legume is the place to go in the city when you want to eat food that is artfully prepared and sourced responsibly.

While staunch in his philosophy, Trevett never misses a chance to poke fun at himself, as in a recent blog post noting the sources of his ingredients. “As I write this, naming all the farms and such, I realize that this paragraph would be perfect fodder for a Portlandia-esque parody; nevertheless, I mention the provenance of these ingredients because they really do make a difference in the character of the dish.”

For those interested in food, Trevett’s blog is always an interesting read and can be found here. He writes about everything from cantaloupe sambal, to a glimpse of how they plan menus, to his thoughts on GMOs.

Best meal he had last week?

Best meal I had last week was at e2. It was especially nice because my family was there and it was a great time.

It’s really sad how much I don’t get to sit down to a nice meal!  We have really good staff meals at Legume but even with staff meals, it’s down to business.We got the gorgonzola mess, some amazing charcuterie, great pickles to start. And my main go-to there is the greens and beans. I also had a house salad which was really nice and fresh.

At e2, the food is just always real food – I always feel nourished – that’s why I keep on going back there over and over. I just feel like there’s very few places in Pittsburgh where you just know that the food is good – just simple, unprocessed, well made. I leave feeling I got something I needed.

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