Spirits are running pretty high at Wigle Whiskey. It turns out all the effort put into making great tasting products is not only luring new fans but also bringing in new awards.

Wigle was a big winner at last week’s American Craft Spirits Association Conference held in Nashville. The Pittsburgh-based independent distillery brought home 16 medals, making it the most awarded distillery of 2017 at the annual conference.

The craft spirits maker and local favorite was awarded honors in the whiskey, gin and specialty spirits categories. The highest honor it received was awarded to its Barrel Rested Ginever which earned a silver medal in the competition. Impressive for a distillery best known for its whiskeys.

“Beyond any singular medal, the thing we’re proudest of, and for which Wigle stands out in the industry, is the number of medals we bring home across our portfolio each year,” says Meredith Grelli, co-founder and co-owner at Wigle Whiskey. “We believe this is a reflection of our dedication to innovation breadth and depth of quality. The individual awards vary each year but we think with 16 medals this year (9 of which are for our whiskeys); 12 in 2016; and 6 in 2015, we continue to demonstrate an exceptional dedication to innovation and quality,” adds Grelli.

Wigle's product line on display at the North Side Barrelhouse.

Wigle’s product line on display at the North Side Barrelhouse.

Wigle's silver medal winner, Barrel-Rested Ginever (3rd from left).

Wigle’s silver medal winner, Barrel-Rested Ginever (3rd from left).

In other big news, it was officially announced that next year’s conference, the 2018 American Craft Spirits Awards, will be held right here in Pittsburgh.

In honor of its 16-medal win, Wigle will be hosting a “Heavy Medal Happy Hour” event this Friday complete with music, food and a sampling of the distillery’s winning spirits. The event will be held at the Wigle Distillery (2401 Smallman Street in The Strip) on Friday, February 24, from 6 to 9 p.m. There will be a free dram to everyone who RSVPs and is over 21. Food will be available from the Food Baby Food Truck.