EPIC Metals Corporation of Rankin received a Lodestar Award for its commitment to solar power. Photo courtesy of the Pennsylvania Solar Center.

For the past decade, Pennsylvania organizations have invested in hydropower, wind and solar projects

To recognize their commitment to a green future, the following eight Western Pennsylvania organizations recently received the Pennsylvania Solar Center’s Lodestar Awards: EPIC Metals Corporation, Exodus Renewables, Green Solar Systems, Levin Furniture, Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County, Saint Francis University, Sheetz and the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy.

“Saint Francis University appreciates the recognition for our educational, tiny classroom project,” says Michael Sell, project coordinator of the university’s Institute for Energy. “Visitors to the mobile power lab, an 8-by-20-foot classroom on wheels, can experience and learn about renewable energy, efficient living and producing a smaller environmental footprint both inside and out of this innovative project.”

Saint Francis University’s mobile power lab is an 8-by-20-foot classroom on wheels. Photo courtesy the Pennsylvania Solar Center.

This past April, the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy announced that a new solar array on the campus of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater in Fayette County would provide 100% of the electricity used by the main house and guest houses.

“In designing Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright sought to create a harmonious relationship between architecture and nature,” said Justin Gunther, vice president and director of Fallingwater. “Installing solar carries forward Wright’s ideals and continues the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy’s commitment to protect and preserve this beautiful landscape and the architectural principles that make Fallingwater unique.”

From technicians and engineers to salespeople, to construction and manufacturing workers, Pennsylvania’s energy projects have created nearly 10,000 jobs since 2004, according to the Finding Pennsylvania’s Solar Future Project.

The Pennsylvania Solar Center is a nonprofit organization that offers technical assistance to help organizations use solar power. It also provides an online directory of qualified solar developers, a map of notable solar installations, a monthly solar webinar series and a listing of solar events.

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