10 Minute Play Festival

March 6
7 p.m.

Ten minutes is the perfect amount of time to brew a pot of your favorite tea, but what if you were charged with producing a 10-minute play for the public? Follow along this Sunday as aspiring playwrights and veteran theatre artists heed the call to do just that at Pittsburgh’s one-of-a-kind 10 Minute Play Festival.

Courtesy of the 10 Minute Play Festival
Courtesy of the 10 Minute Play Festival

Popping into Brillobox for a whirlwind night of locally produced theater, the 10 Minute Play Festival will feature brand new, original works by a diverse community of artists from different backgrounds and disciplines.

Audiences will be the first in Pittsburgh to see more than seven new plays, all hosted by emcee Princess Sea Turtle. Featured playwrights include Gunner LaBluff, Tristan Reid, Anqwenique Wingfield, Darrell Kinsel, Jason Clearfield, Caitlyn Christensen, Kevin O’Toole and Mark Sepe.

How does it all work?

Following a process akin to crowdsourcing, the triannual festival calls all budding and veteran writers alike to pick up a pen or a mouse and take up the creative challenge to create a 10-minute work for the stage. Everyone and anyone with an idea can participate in the staunchly DIY, grassroots festival. That means no juries, no rules and no requirements—only that all plays must not exceed 10 minutes. And as a result, no two festivals are ever alike.

Courtesy 10 Minute Play Festival
Courtesy 10 Minute Play Festival

Participants get to work writing, editing and preparing new plays and bring the final works to the venue ready to perform for the public. Festival organizers provide a stage, lights and all of the tech needs, along with a very welcoming vibe. And here’s where you come in—as the enthusiastic and attentive audience.

Described by organizers as “a wacky cabaret of sorts,” the festival showcases  a wide array of genres and subjects—from musicals, puppetry and acrobatics, to drama, dance, sci-fi, monologues and more.

Founded by in 2011 by Teresa Martuccio and Chris St. Pierre, and now run by the pair along with Jason Clearfield, the festival is committed to remaining accessible and inclusive with a sliding entrance fee of $3-$5. After seeing the festival take place in Baltimore and other cities around the U.S., the event’s organizers were inspired to bring the event to Pittsburgh. Previously nomadic in nature, the 10 Minute Play Festival will soon settle into a new HQ located in a theater on Melwood Street.

Doors open at 6 p.m. and the plays start at 7 p.m. Open to 21+.

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