WHAT: Andean Mountain Habitat Opening

WHERE: National Aviary

WHEN: New permanent exhibit

Why You Should Go:

You’ve fallen hard for their sloths and penguins — now get to know three spectacular bird species never before seen in Pittsburgh when the National Aviary unveils its new Andean Mountain Habitat.

Look for the fan-shaped crest and vibrant orange-red plumage of the charismatic Cock-of-the-rock, which gets its quirky name from the craggy ledges where it builds nests in South America’s Andes Mountains. You’ll also encounter Capuchinbirds with rust-colored feathers and blue-grey heads that resemble the hooded cloaks of Capuchin monks. Both species perform competitive and elaborate mating rituals.

And meet the Aviary’s new Golden Eagle during daily educational talks highlighting the importance of protecting these magnificent birds of prey and their habitats.

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