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“O” is for October and owls. Make that extraordinary owls. The haunted holiday of Halloween and the colorful crisp season of autumn make for the perfect time to get cozy with some of nature’s remarkable, majestic and elusive birds.

With the Aviary’s new “Extraordinary Owls” series, you can see more owls on view than ever before and learn all about the “silent flight, glowing eyes, powerful talons” and unique habits of our exceptional feathered friends.

See new species on view, such as the Verreaux’s Eagle-owl, White-faced Scops Owl and Barred Owl, look for the small but mighty Burrowing Owl, and don’t miss the stunning Snowy Owl when winter arrives.

Brunch with friends is lovely, but brunch with an owl rocks! On October 15, savor a delicious brunch in the heated Rose Garden while enjoying special visits from the Aviary’s wisest residents.

Head into the woods with ornithologist Bob Mulvihill during after-dark “Owl Prowls” in local parks. Snap a selfie with an owl ambassador, learn all about owls native to western PA and see how a call device is used to attract owls.

The series also features private encounters, “Owl-o-Ween” harvest festivals and daily “Owl Talks.”

View a schedule.

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