Photo by Paul g. Wiegman.

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens
Through April 16
Various times

Sure, the vernal equinox has arrived bringing hints of spring, but we all know that the grey, cold and damp can linger on in Pittsburgh.

Why not be surrounded by vibrant garden blooms, peaceful ponds, towering topiaries, and all manner of forest critters? It’s all just steps away at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, where the new Spring Flower Show offers a much-needed change of seasons, and scenery.

Ease your way out of winter hibernation and put spring in your step as you explore nine separate display rooms within Phipps’ historic glasshouse.

Bursting with a new “Enchanted Forest” theme, the Spring Flower Show celebrates all things reborn: from birds and frogs, to bees and ducks—plus tens of thousands of vibrant, color-drenched spring blooms.

You’ll be all aflutter in Palm Court, where you can watch the spectacular development of a chrysalis before your very eyes. Soon, a stunning butterfly will emerge while surrounded by pink hyacinths and yellow primula.

Imagine you are tiny woodland creature making your way across the cool, green forest floor after a long winter’s slumber—now you’re ready for the Serpentine Room. Wander beneath massive mushrooms, marvel at azaleas and snapdragons, and say hello to a friendly frog, snail and turtle along the banks of a peaceful pond.

Stroll through the Victoria Room to inhale the warm scents of white, yellow and orange tulips, while watching topiary ducklings paddle among giant water lilies.

Visit the Sunken Garden to bask in a sea of blue, coral, red and pink spring blossoms, and be serenaded by the chirping and tweeting of our springtime feathered friends.

Expect to encounter oversized mushrooms, frogs, snails and wooden logs, beds of tulips and cherry trees, winged wonders, and even a miniature habitat housing a friendly clan of bears.

Ready to be rejuvenated? Designed by Phipps’ Exhibit Coordinator Jordyn Melino, the Spring Flower Show runs through April 16.

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Jennifer Baron

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