Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens
Through September 3
Various times

The youngest Lepidoptera lovers will love what awaits at Phipps. A family favorite, the enchanting Butterfly Forest showcases the delicate life cycle of nature’s stunning pollinators along with their favorite aromatic blooms.

Can you tell the difference between a pipevine swallowtail and a tiger swallowtail? Did you know there’s a butterfly called a question mark? Search for all 15 species, as you look for the painted lady, zebra longwing, monarch and more.

Stroll along a forest path through a tunnel to where beautiful butterflies are taking flight. Watch patiently and move slowly, because one of these winged wonders might land on your shoulder.

Experience the natural behaviors of these delicate creatures as they flutter, eat and rest inside the glasshouse, and get up-close views of their colors, shapes, patterns and movements.

The Butterfly Forest also features an immersive sound installation created by students from CMU’s Experimental Sound Synthesis class.

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